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UK to 'play its part' against IS » Full Story
David Cameron says Britain is ready to "play its part" in fighting Islamic State, which he calls an "evil against which the whole world must unite".

UN aims to block jihadist recruits » Full Story
The UN Security Council orders states to block the flow of jihadists to Iraq and Syria, as US jets bomb Islamic State (IS) militants.

Hollande condemns Algeria beheading » Full Story
French President Francois Hollande condemns the beheading in Algeria of tourist Herve Gourdel by a jihadist group linked to Islamic State militants.

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Bloomberg Took Secret Path to a New Schools Chief » Full Story
The secrecy around Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s selection of Cathleen P. Black to run the city’s schools highlighted his faith in business leaders and dislike of public debate.

Tentative Deal in Iraq Keeps Maliki in Power » Full Story
Iraq’s leaders reached a tentative agreement to end an eight-month political impasse and return Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to power.

Wal-Mart Says ‘Try This On’: Free Shipping » Full Story
Starting Thursday, Wal-Mart plans to offer free shipping on its Web site, a move that may create an expectation among consumers and a threat to smaller retailers.

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Wife of Nissan Ex-Exec Ghosn to Be Questioned in Tokyo Court » Full Story
The wife of Nissan's former Chairman Carlos Ghosn will be questioned Thursday by Japanese prosecutors in a Tokyo court, person familiar with situation tells AP.

Asian Shares Fall as Fed Minutes Show Data May Tweak Stance » Full Story
Asian shares retreat as some Fed officials suggest data may tweak stance.

Bailey Lifts Islanders Past Penguins 4-3 in OT in Game 1 » Full Story
Josh Bailey scored on a rebound at 4:39 of overtime and the New York Islanders beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-3 Wednesday night in the opener of their Eastern Conference first-round playoff series.

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Imran Khan accuses India and Israel of moral bankruptcy over election annexation pledges » Full Story

Imran Khan accuses India and Israel of moral bankruptcy over election annexation pledgesImran Khan has accused India's leaders of moral bankruptcy for trying to win votes by annexing Kashmir, after Narendra Modi pledged to remove its special autonomous status if re-elected. In outspoken remarks just days before voting begins in India's upcoming election, Mr Khan said Mr Modi was flouting a United Nations resolution and his own constitution with his manifesto pledge. Pakistan's prime minister also attacked Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, after he promised to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank if he is re-elected on Tuesday. “Don't their people feel a sense of outrage and wonder at how far they will go simply to win an election?” Mr Khan asked. Mr Modi earlier this week told a crowd at Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters he would scrap the autonomous status Jammu and Kashmir has had since 1954. He would also remove laws that prevent outsiders from buying property in the state. When ldrs in Israel & India show a moral bankruptcy in their readiness to annex occupied West Bank & IOK in defiance of int law, UNSC resolutions & their own Constitution for votes, don't their ppl feel a sense of outrage & wonder how far they will go simply to win an election?— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) April 9, 2019 Scrapping the protections would help integration with the rest of the country, the BJP has argued. However political leaders in Muslim-majority Kashmir, where Indian forces are fighting a fierce armed insurgency, have predicted the repeal would stoke further unrest. Kashmir and tensions with Pakistan have become a key election battleground in the election after a suicide bombing killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary police in the region in February. Both countries claim the disputed territory Kashmir, and it has been at the the heart of military tensions between the neighbours for decades. Mr Modi's manifesto pledge on Kashmir risks a backlash in the region Credit: Reuters Mr Modi's decision to launch a retaliatory air strike inside Pakistan after the bombing was claimed by the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group led him to pose as a strong national security candidate. The clash is thought to have helped Mr Modi's electoral chances by distracting from his failed economic promises. But Mr Khan has accused the BJP of “whipping up war hysteria” to win the election. Pakistan's government has accused India of plotting further military action to win votes, claiming it has “reliable intelligence” that India will attack again this month. Voting in India's general election begins on Thursday but, with around 900 million people eligible to vote, the polls will be held around the country over coming weeks, and the votes will be counted on May 23.

Debris Found After Japanese F-35A Stealth Fighter Crashes at Sea » Full Story

Debris Found After Japanese F-35A Stealth Fighter Crashes at SeaThe plane and its pilot, a man in his 40s, went missing about 135 kilometers (85 miles) off the Japanese coast Tuesday after departing Misawa Air Base on the northeastern corner of Honshu Island, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force said in a statement. A part of what’s believed to the the plane’s tail was spotted floating near where it disappeared, Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya told reporters Wednesday. The Lockheed Martin Corp. F-35 is considered the most expensive U.S. weapons system.

Man beat five-year-old daughter to death for not doing homework, police say » Full Story

Man beat five-year-old daughter to death for not doing homework, police sayBrandon Reynolds said he had a ritual that would calm him. His daughter's heart formed with a hole while she was in the womb, and from time to time, he would put his ear to her chest to hear and feel the miracle of its beat.He found it "soothing," Reynolds told police after emergency responders fought to save his five-year old daughter at his Albuquerque, New Mexico, home early Friday. Fire and rescue arrived to find her in possible cardiac arrest and no pulse.But signs of physical trauma prompted paramedics to call the police, authorities said in a news conference. The girl regained a pulse and was transferred to the University of New Mexico hospital, where she died, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Washington Post.Reynolds was charged Friday with intentional child abuse resulting in the death of a child, authorities said, and his story began to unfurl in a taped interview at the police station.His daughter was home-schooled, he told investigators, and she did her homework on the computer. She told him she didn't want to do any homework that night, according to the complaint.That response "triggered" him, Reynolds said."That's when the discipline came in," he told investigators. He beat her with a shoe before he began "blacking out" until he realised she was lethargic and cradled her on the living room floor, the complaint said.Investigators interviewed a neighbour who reported a commotion, including Reynolds shouting, "Get up!"Officers described a violent and surreal scene inside the home. There was blood on a wall and the carpet, and Reynolds called his daughter's mother on FaceTime to tell her about the incident as officers were still there.Reynolds said he was alarmed when the girl's breathing became shallow and his ritual nearly went silent - he could barely feel her heartbeat. He then called first responders.Police observed him to be "emotionless," the complaint said.It is unclear if Reynolds is represented by an attorney.A neighbour told KOAT that she used to babysit the child. They painted each other's nails. "She was a little angel," the neighbour said. "She didn't deserve this."Detectives from the child abuse unit have helped in the investigation, Albuquerque Police Chief Michael Geier said."This is definitely a heartbreaking tragedy, and our officers and detectives are working diligently at this time to get justice for this little girl," Mr Geier said.Washington Post

Merkel says backs longer Brexit delay than London seeking » Full Story

Merkel says backs longer Brexit delay than London seekingGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that she was open to giving Britain more time to arrange its exit from the EU than the June 30 departure London is seeking. Merkel told Germany's parliament ahead of a special EU summit in Brussels dedicated to Brexit that leaders may well agree to a delay "longer than the British prime minister (Theresa May) has requested". "I am of the opinion, the German government is of the opinion, that we should give both (British) parties a reasonable amount of time" to reach an agreement on an orderly Brexit, she said.

In New York, confusion reigns in the emerging CBD edibles business » Full Story

In New York, confusion reigns in the emerging CBD edibles businessNew York state officials told food growers and processors in mid-December that they had the state's blessing to produce and sell tea and chocolates laced with CBD, the cannabis derivative reputed to ease anxiety and other ills without marijuana's high. The New York City crackdown highlights the inconsistencies that have emerged in federal, state and local rules governing CBD, bewildering the small but growing number of businesses selling edibles in New York and other states. "I'm trying to be compliant with the law, but no one seems to be fully aware of what the law is and isn't," said C.J. Holm, the owner of the Fat Cat Kitchen, which touts CBD coffee and cookies on a sidewalk chalkboard.

Conservatives push Kris Kobach for Homeland Security head » Full Story

Conservatives push Kris Kobach for Homeland Security headWASHINGTON (AP) — Outside allies of President Donald Trump have launched a public campaign urging him to nominate former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as his next secretary of Homeland Security.

Southwest flight canceled? Here's why the airline won't book you on another carrier » Full Story

Southwest flight canceled? Here's why the airline won't book you on another carrierFrustrated Southwest Airlines passengers have bombarded the airline with questions in the wake of heavy Boeing 737 Max 8 flight cancellations.

Take One Last Look at the 2019 Ford F-series Super Duty Before It's Updated for 2020 » Full Story

Take One Last Look at the 2019 Ford F-series Super Duty Before It's Updated for 2020

The Navy Wanted to Take Battleships and Make Them Into Nuclear 'Bombers' » Full Story

The Navy Wanted to Take Battleships and Make Them Into Nuclear 'Bombers'Today the naval gunfire argument rages on. Even in the age of drones and precision warfare there are still occasional calls to bring the heavily manned, imprecise Iowa class back to service. There’s a certain romance to battleships, and having four Iowas sitting around in good condition has beguiled naval enthusiasts and planners for more than 60 years with schemes to bring them back.In the early 1980s, four Iowa-class fast battleships originally built during World War II—Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey and Wisconsin—were taken out of mothballs and returned to active duty.(This first appeared several years ago.)Nearly 900 feet long and displacing close to 60,000 tons, the battlewagons could fire a nine-gun broadside sending 18 tons of steel and explosives hurtling towards their targets.The battleships were modernized to include cruise missiles, ship-killing missiles and Phalanx point-defense guns. Returned to the fleet, the ships saw action off the coasts of Lebanon and Iraq. At the end of the Cold War the battleships were retired again. All were slated to become museums.

Attorney general says his Mueller report redactions may not cover President Trump » Full Story

Attorney general says his Mueller report redactions may not cover President TrumpWilliam Barr says information on "public office holders" is not intended to be withheld from the released report, Bernie Sanders announces Medicare for All Act.

Capitol Hill hearing on online hate sees it firsthand » Full Story

Capitol Hill hearing on online hate sees it firsthandWASHINGTON (AP) — A congressional hearing on online hate turned into a vivid demonstration of the problem Tuesday when a YouTube livestream of the proceedings was bombarded with racist and anti-Semitic comments from internet users.

Nancy Pelosi once again mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for using Twitter for back-up support » Full Story

Nancy Pelosi once again mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for using Twitter for back-up supportHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a subtle jab towards Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over her alleged dependency on Twitter for public support, insinuating that the freshman lawmaker is neglecting to do work required pass the Democratic agenda into laws.Ms Ocasio-Cortez has almost 4 million followers on Twitter and has often used Twitter as a tool to rally public support for her progressive proposals including the Green New Deal.Ms Pelosi, 79, told USA Today on Monday that she is running into issues of leading a House caucus while freshman Democratic lawmakers are pushing the party further to the left. She accuses them of prioritising symbolic gestures over actual legislative achievements. “While there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers, what’s important is that we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the House,” the California Democrat said.She did not mention Ms Ocasio-Cortez by name in the interview.Ms Pelosi added that she believes progressives are “fine” after she told them they needed to look into introducing moderate legislation that have a higher chance of passing the House.“As I say to my own district, ‘You go out and elect 218 people, just like San Francisco, then we can talk,’” Ms Pelosi added.This isn’t the first time the House Speaker derided Ms Ocasio-Cortez. In February, Ms Pelosi scoffed at the Green New Deal, a climate change proposal introduced by the New York Democrat, in an interview with Politico.“It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive,” Ms Pelosi said. “The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

US actress Lori Loughlin faces new charge in college bribery scandal » Full Story

US actress Lori Loughlin faces new charge in college bribery scandalAmerican actress Lori Loughlin was hit with a second charge on Tuesday stemming from a college admissions bribery scandal, increasing the likelihood that she could serve time in prison. The actress, known for her role on "Full House," now faces the charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering in addition to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, federal prosecutor Andrew Lelling said. Unlike actress Felicity Huffman, who was also among 33 parents charged in the case, Loughlin has so far chosen not to plead guilty -- a move that, in addition to avoiding trial, usually results in a reduced sentence.

Texas Tech Medical School Will Stop Considering Race in Admissions Due to Trump Administration Pressure » Full Story

Texas Tech Medical School Will Stop Considering Race in Admissions Due to Trump Administration PressureThe move is part of an agreement with the U.S. Department of Education

Colbert has a suggestion for Nielsen replacement in Best of Late Night » Full Story

Colbert has a suggestion for Nielsen replacement in Best of Late NightAnother member of Trump's administration is out.

Vitamin and mineral supplements won't help you live longer, could cause harm, study says » Full Story

Vitamin and mineral supplements won't help you live longer, could cause harm, study saysThe study found excess intake of calcium through supplements was associated with a higher risk of death from cancer.

Ford Again Recalls F-150 and Super Duty Pickup Trucks for Second Repair over Engine-Block Fire Risk » Full Story

Ford Again Recalls F-150 and Super Duty Pickup Trucks for Second Repair over Engine-Block Fire RiskThe new recall will bring back more than 130,000 U.S.-market trucks for another fix; more than 400,000 pickups in the U.S. alone have been affected by the recall.

Pakistan PM sees better chance of peace talks with India if Modi's BJP wins election » Full Story

Pakistan PM sees better chance of peace talks with India if Modi's BJP wins electionKhan said that if the next Indian government were led by the opposition Congress party, it might be too scared to seek a settlement with Pakistan over disputed Indian-controlled Kashmir, fearing a backlash from the right. "Perhaps if the BJP - a right-wing party - wins, some kind of settlement in Kashmir could be reached," Khan told a small group of foreign journalists in an interview. This was despite the massive alienation that Muslims in Kashmir and Muslims in general were facing in Modi's India, said Khan, who took office last August.

Iran president says US 'leader of world terrorism' » Full Story

Iran president says US 'leader of world terrorism'Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that the United States was the real "leader of world terrorism" after Washington blacklisted Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a "foreign terrorist organisation". "Who are you to label revolutionary institutions as terrorists?" Rouhani asked in a speech broadcast live by state television. Speaking at a ceremony to mark Iran's national nuclear technology day in Tehran, Rouhani defended the Revolutionary Guards as a force that has fought terrorism ever since its creation in 1979.

Yahoo to pay $117.5M in latest settlement of massive breach » Full Story

Yahoo to pay $117.5M in latest settlement of massive breachSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Nearly 200 million people who had sensitive information snatched from their Yahoo accounts will receive two years of free credit-monitoring services and other potential restitution in a legal settlement valued at $117.5 million.

Candace Owens fumes at Rep. Ted Lieu's use of her Hitler comments » Full Story

Candace Owens fumes at Rep. Ted Lieu's use of her Hitler comments"I think it's pretty apparent that believes that black people are stupid," Owens said in response to Lieu playing a clip of her comment on Hitler.

New Zealand Parliament passes sweeping gun restrictions » Full Story

New Zealand Parliament passes sweeping gun restrictionsWELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand's Parliament on Wednesday passed sweeping gun laws that outlaw military style weapons, less than a month after the mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch where 50 people were killed and dozens were wounded.

SpaceX postpones first commercial launch due to strong wind » Full Story

SpaceX postpones first commercial launch due to strong windSpaceX postponed Wednesday what would have been its first commercial launch with the Falcon Heavy rocket, citing strong wind in the upper atmosphere. The rocket is to carry a Saudi satellite operated by Arabsat, a year after sending founder Elon Musk's red Tesla roadster into orbit as a test. The Falcon Heavy had been scheduled to lift off from the Kennedy Space center in Florida at 6:36 pm (2236 GMT) and place the six-ton Arabsat-6A satellite into geostationary orbit about 22,500 miles (36,000 kilometers) above the Earth.

What's behind Warren's plan to break up Facebook, Amazon and Google » Full Story

What's behind Warren's plan to break up Facebook, Amazon and GoogleElizabeth Warren accuses Amazon and other tech giants of unfairly demanding special favors from governments, selling users’ consumer profiles for marketing purposes and exercising a stranglehold over capital funding for potential competitors.

Denver travel mess: 750 flight cancellations and counting » Full Story

Denver travel mess: 750 flight cancellations and countingSouthwest and United airlines have big operations in Denver and have each canceled 200 flights into and out of Denver International Airport.

The 2019 Audi TT RS Gets Some New Colors and Air Scoops, Starts at $67,895 » Full Story

The 2019 Audi TT RS Gets Some New Colors and Air Scoops, Starts at $67,895Minor exterior and interior updates for the world's only five-cylinder sports car in production.

Trump's Fed picks pan liberals, praise Trump » Full Story

Trump's Fed picks pan liberals, praise Trump"I want to be able to accommodate these growth policies that Trump has put in place that have created the best economy in the world, probably." As the two men undergo what Moore says could be months of background checks before their expected nominations to the world's most important central bank, neither appeared concerned about safeguarding the partisan neutrality that Fed officials say is critical to effective monetary policymaking. Cain continues to allow his name and photograph to be used in campaigns by the political fundraising group he founded whose main aim is to ensure that Trump is reelected.

Libya Is on the Brink of Civil War and a U.S. Citizen Is Responsible. Here's What to Know » Full Story

Libya Is on the Brink of Civil War and a U.S. Citizen Is Responsible. Here's What to KnowThe offensive by the rogue general Khalifa Haftar, who has U.S. citizenship, has pushed Libya to the brink of civil war

Apple quietly nixes fee to transfer data from your old Mac to your new one » Full Story

Apple quietly nixes fee to transfer data from your old Mac to your new oneAfter speaking with an Apple Store Operations Specialist, TidBITS reported that the company has dropped the data migration fee charged when users move their content from an old computer to a new Mac. Previously, when you went to the Apple Store to upgrade your computer to a new one or had some repairs done, you'd have to pay a whopping $99 to migrate the data to your new device or new hard drive. As first reported by TidBITS on Tuesday, Apple quietly discontinued charging this particular fee.

UPDATE 4-Boeing records zero new MAX orders following global groundings » Full Story

UPDATE 4-Boeing records zero new MAX orders following global groundingsBoeing Co's orders and deliveries sank in the first quarter, with zero new orders for the 737 MAX following a worldwide grounding in March in the wake of two fatal plane crashes. The groundings forced Boeing to freeze deliveries of the MAX, which had been its fastest-selling jetliner until a March 10 crash on Ethiopian Airlines that killed all 157 onboard, just five months after a similar crash on Lion Air that killed all 189 passengers and crew. Total orders, an indication of future demand, fell to 95 aircraft in the first quarter from 180 a year earlier, suggesting a wait-and-watch approach for airlines as Boeing rides out the worst crisis in its history.

Walmart's Spring Sale Is Marking Down Tools, Grills, and More » Full Story

Walmart's Spring Sale Is Marking Down Tools, Grills, and More

Trump administration plans tougher asylum measures for migrants fleeing persecution » Full Story

Trump administration plans tougher asylum measures for migrants fleeing persecutionThe Trump administration plans to aggressively push for tougher screening of asylum seekers that will make it vastly more difficult for migrants fleeing persecution in their home countries to win protection in the United States, a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.The official said that President Trump ordered a shake-up of his top immigration officials in recent days because they were moving too slowly, or even actively obstructing, the president’s desire to confront the surge of migrants at the southwestern border. The asylum changes are among many policies the president wants to put into effect with a new team in place, the official said.Mr Trump denied on Tuesday that one of those changes would be to restart his policy of separating migrant families at the border, though he said that the act of taking children from their parents — which drew global condemnation before he abandoned it last summer — was effective.“Now I’ll tell you something, once you don’t have it, that’s why you see many more people coming,” Mr Trump said. “They are coming like it’s a picnic, because, ‘Let’s go to Disneyland.’”The administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity even as Mr Trump was making his remarks, said a modified version of family separation, in which parents are given a choice of whether to be separated or to accept indefinite detention alongside their children, continues to be under consideration.[[gallery-0]] But the so-called binary choice proposal is “not ripe for White House consideration” right now, he insisted, because the government does not currently have the detention space to hold families if the policy were put in place.The asylum changes being envisioned could drastically alter the role that the United States plays as a refuge for people fleeing poverty, violence and war. American and international laws require it to allow migrants to request asylum once they come to the country.But the official said that an initial assessment of the basis for a request for asylum — known as a “credible fear” screening — too often accepts the claim that the migrant was persecuted. The official also said that many more asylum seekers should be rejected during that first step.Out of 97,728 completed interviews with migrants in the fiscal year that ended on 30 September 2018, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed a credible fear of persecution 74,677 times, according to an agency official.Changes in the screening process could drastically lower those findings by requiring more proof from asylum seekers that they would be persecuted in their home countries. Screeners could also try to verify migrant claims by using State Department assessments of the threats that exist in those countries.Immigrant rights advocates have feared for months that the administration would try to change the standards by which asylum seekers are judged in an effort to prevent more of them from coming into the United States.The administration official blamed the delay in that effort on “deep state” bureaucrats at the Department of Homeland Security and even the president’s own political appointees in the department, whom the official described as lacking the management skills to push Mr Trump’s agenda.The official declined to name specific administration officials who have failed. But he made thinly veiled references to two top officials at the Department of Homeland Security: John Mitnick, the department’s general counsel, and L. Francis Cissna, the head of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.He said there was “clearly a track record” in which the president’s policies have not been advanced.In his remarks on Tuesday, Mr Trump falsely said that President Barack Obama had embraced the same policy of routinely separating migrant children from their parents at the border.“President Obama had child separation,” Mr Trump said during brief remarks in the Oval Office, where he was meeting with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt. “I’m the one that stopped it.”Under Mr Obama and President George W. Bush, immigration officials sometimes separated families when they had reason to question parentage or when there was evidence of child abuse. The Trump administration instituted a policy in which all families who crossed the border illegally were separated in order to allow the parents to be prosecuted under the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. More than 2,700 children were separated from their parents at the border before Mr Trump ended the policy in June 2018.The president’s comments come after he shook up the senior ranks of the Department of Homeland Security, forcing the resignation of the secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, and top immigration officials in a move that signalled a pending shift in immigration policies.Also on Tuesday, the acting deputy secretary of homeland security, Claire Grady, who was next in line by law to become the acting secretary, submitted her resignation, according to a Twitter post by Ms. Nielsen. Ms. Grady’s resignation paves the way for Kevin McAleenan, the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, to take the role.Customs and Border Protection officials this week underscored Mr Trump’s concern about illegal immigration by announcing that more than 103,000 migrants crossed the southwestern border in March without authorization, an increase from the more than 76,000 migrants who crossed in February.“Just last month, we saw record numbers of family units and unaccompanied juvenile apprehensions in February, and unfortunately, March apprehension numbers are again record-setting and cause dire concerns for us,” said Brian Hastings, the chief of law enforcement operations for the Border Patrol.Most of the migrants — 92,000 of the 103,000 — were apprehended by Border Patrol agents, meaning they crossed in between the ports of entry.More than 53,000 of those migrants were members of a family, Mr Hastings said, and most of those families were from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador.In the first half of fiscal year 2019, Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 385,000 migrants on the border, more than double those apprehended during the same time last year.Mr Hastings said the Border Patrol can generally maintain 4,500 people in its custody. But it recently counted 13,000 migrants in its facilities, and he said the overflow has led to the release of families into cities along the border.“Backups have resulted in individuals spending additional time in Border Patrol custody in increasingly crowded conditions,” Mr Hastings said.On Tuesday, White House officials announced that the president would appeal a judge’s ruling that blocked the administration’s “Migrant Protection Protocols,” which require some asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while they wait for their court cases.Mr Trump has recently commended Mexico for doing more to stem migration to the border, but the officials said they have not seen any effect on the number of people crossing it. “The numbers aren’t declining; in fact, we’re still seeing 3,000 apprehensions per day,” Mr Hastings said.Officials also revealed that among the tens of thousands of family members approaching the border each month, just 3,100 people who said they were travelling with relatives were found to have a fraudulent claim. Those people either said they had a child when the individual was over 18 or the group’s members were not really related.The New York Times

New York City declares public health emergency, orders mandatory measles vaccinations » Full Story

New York City declares public health emergency, orders mandatory measles vaccinationsMayor Bill de Blasio says the city has "the power to do this."

The Latest: Gillibrand: I've gotten 2020 advice from Clinton » Full Story

The Latest: Gillibrand: I've gotten 2020 advice from ClintonWASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand (all times local):

Wynn Resorts scotches potential takeover of Crown Resorts » Full Story

Wynn Resorts scotches potential takeover of Crown ResortsWynn Resorts said Tuesday it was pulling the plug on a potential takeover of Australian gambling giant Crown Resorts that had been seen as fetching about $7.1 billion. "Following the premature disclosure of preliminary discussions, Wynn Resorts has terminated all discussions with Crown Resorts concerning any transaction," Las Vegas-based Wynn said Tuesday. Shares of Wynn were down 3.2 percent at $140.23 at mid-morning in New York.

Tensions flare in 'long and complicated' relationship between Pete Buttigieg and Mike Pence » Full Story

Tensions flare in 'long and complicated' relationship between Pete Buttigieg and Mike PenceThe war of increasingly personal words between presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Mike Pence's defenders escalated Tuesday.

Meghan Markle's family: The diplomat uncle, the yoga teacher mother and the cannabis-growing nephew » Full Story

Meghan Markle's family: The diplomat uncle, the yoga teacher mother and the cannabis-growing nephewIt's not every day the meeting of a make-up artist and a lighting director sets the scene for a royal love story, but that's exactly what happened in Meghan Markle's case. The now-retired American actress, who is expecting her first child in a few weeks time, didn't come from a similar upbringing to her royal-ready Middleton sister-in-law. The Duchess of Sussex (born Rachel Meghan Markle) was born in Los Angeles on August 4, 1981 and quite literally grew up in Hollywood. Though her parents - Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle Snr - divorced when she was six, her extended family's story does not end there. In fact, it takes unlikely and estranged turns towards a diplomat uncle, cannabis-growing nephew, and beyond. As Meghan prepares to welcome her baby with Prince Harry, here we take a look at her family, many of whom are never far from the headlines. Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle's mother Doria Ragland, 62, was born in Los Angeles to an antique dealer father and a mother who was a nurse. She attended the Fairfax High School, where she was remembered as bright and friendly - the teenager with the "Afro" hairstyle who loved listening to Marvin Gaye and dining out at a local Mexican taco joint with friends. After school she worked as a make-up artist, which is how she met her husband, Thomas Markle Snr, a lighting director in Hollywood. The pair married in 1979 and Ms Markle was born two years later. Meghan Markle pictured as a child in Rwanda with her mother Doria Credit: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED The family moved into a house in The Valley, LA, to a neighbourhood that Ms Markle described as "leafy and affordable". Ms Ragland and Mr Markle divorced in 1987, but remained friends. Ms Ragland took a job as an air stewardess, meaning their daughter was frequently cared for by her father. Meghan Markle with her moother Doria, who has a masters in social work Credit: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED  She later returned to university to obtain a masters in social work, following on from her BA in psychology. She now lives in the house she inherited from her father in 2011 in the Crenshaw area of LA. Ms Ragland and her daughter are extremely close - Ms Ragland once drove a car with the number plate MEGNME - and Ms Markle has spoken of her pride in her free-spirited mother, with her dreadlocks and nose ring. Ms Ragland travelled with her daughter to her wedding ceremony from their overnight accommodation at Cliveden House Hotel, Berkshire, to St George’s Chapel. She is now preparing to welcome her first grandchild. Meghan's family tree Meghan Markle's family tree Thomas Markle, Meghan's father Born in Pennsylvania, of Dutch-Irish descent, soon-to-be-grandfather Thomas Markle Snr, 74, made his way to Hollywood where he worked as a lighting director. He worked for many years on the set of the television show 'Married With Children' and his work on long-running series General Hospital earned him nine Daytime Emmy nominations, of which he was twice named the winner. He was also reportedly chosen to oversee the lighting for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as well as the 1986 Oscar ceremony. Prior to meeting Doria Ragland, he had been married to Roslyn Loveless, with whom he had two children - Samantha, now 52, and Thomas Jr, now 50. Mr Markle and his daughter were very close, with the young Meghan accompanying him on film sets and being cared for by him while her mother was travelling as an air stewardess. Baby Meghan Markle lies on the chest of her father Thomas Credit: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED  Mr Markle moved to Mexico after retiring and was declared bankrupt in June 2016. The Duchess has described her father as the "most hardworking father you can imagine". He has reportedly still not met Prince Harry but gave his blessing to the Prince over the phone when asked for Meghan's hand in marriage. Mr Markle intended to travel from Mexico to the UK to meet his future son-in-law (and the rest of his royal family) before walking Ms Markle down the aisle. Meghan Markle pictured as a toddler with her father Thomas Credit: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED Following alleged dealings with the paparazzi to take advantage of Meghan's major moment, he said he would avoid the ceremony for fear of embarrassing his daughter. The pictures, which appeared to be staged, showed Mr Markle getting measured for what was thought to be his wedding suit, looking at pictures of his daughter and Harry while in an internet cafe, and reading a picture book about Britain while having a coffee.  He then pulled out of the wedding four days before the ceremony, after falling unwell and required heart surgery.  He claimed his failure to fly would also force him to cancel appointments with the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Since the wedding, he has made frequent pleas through the media to speak to Meghan which he claims have been mostly ignored, bar a private letter he released to the public last month. Royal baby Sussex | Read more Meghan Markle’s uncles Michael Markle Of Thomas Markle Senior’s two brothers, the eldest, Michael, had a profound impact on Meghan's early life. The 80-year-old is a retired US diplomat and Air Force veteran who lives in Florida. His wife, Toni, died of cancer in 2012. During his State Department career, he reportedly worked in Ottawa, Bucharest, Berlin and Guam, and when Meghan was 20 years old, she planned to follow in his footsteps with a potential career in diplomacy. It was through Michael’s connections that Meghan was able to secure a prestigious at the American embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After enrolling at Northwestern University in Illinois, Spanish speaker Meghan travelled to Argentina for her senior year in 2003. She completed a double major in Theatre and International Relations. "So I'm 20 years old, in Buenos Aires, in a motorcade, doing that whole thing. I thought for sure I would still have a career in politics,” she told Vogue a decade later. In an interview with the Mirror in 2018, Michael spoke of his role in the process. “I knew the ambassador, and I asked him if he could help, as her application was a little on the late side,” he said. As a result, he was surprised not to be invited to his niece’s wedding. “I don’t understand why she has been so indifferent towards me. It’s uncalled for. I helped her out, and I didn’t ask for anything in return. This whole invitation thing has not been played out very well. I never did anything to embarrass Meghan. It seems to me they handled the arrangements poorly.” Michael has a 60-year-old daughter, Trish Gallup,  who runs her own chauffeur business. Frederick Markle Meghan’s other paternal uncle, Frederick, is a reclusive cleric who also lives in Florida. There, he is the leader and sole minister of the small Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, reportedly going by the name Bishop Dismas. According to the Daily Mail, Frederick lives in a secluded woodland property and “lives like a hermit”, shunning technology. He has refused to speak about his niece’s marriage, as have his two sons, Nick and David, and ex-wife Theresa. Meet the Markles | Read more Meghan Markle's siblings Half-brother Thomas Markle Jr The 52-year-old window fitter lives in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. He said his family was “like The Dukes of Hazzard and The Simpsons, versus the Royal family” – but has spoken fondly of his half-sister, with whom he grew up in Los Angeles. He was married for 11 years to Tracy Dooley, with whom he has two sons – Thomas and Tyler. Thomas Markle Jr has spoken fondly of Meghan Markle, his half-sister Credit: AKGS He was arrested in January 2018 for holding a gun to girlfriend Darlene Blount’s head in a drunken argument. Mr Markle and Miss Blount are now engaged. Half-sister Samantha Grant Samantha Grant, 54, lives in Florida and is a wheelchair user and suffers from multiple sclerosis. She discussed the allegedly staged images of her father's on Loose Women, saying she was “entirely the culprit”, convincing her father that it would be to his advantage to show himself in a positive light. “It was my suggestion that to benefit him and to benefit the Royal Family and that everyone looked good, and they depict you as you are,” she said. Samantha Markle has lashed out at her half-sister, Meghan, in several interviews Credit: Splash News  She also caused a stir when she announced she was writing a book entitled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. Despite not having spoken to her in nine years, Ms Grant lashed out at Ms Markle in numerous interviews. She since says she was misquoted. The Dooleys Ms Markle's sister-in-law Tracy Dooley, and her sons Tyler and TJ, are among the family members who were not invited to the wedding.  Ms Dooley, who was married to the former actress's half-brother, was pictured arriving at Heathrow Airport before the wedding. She has previously told ITV's Good Morning Britain she had not received an invitation to the ceremony at Windsor Castle, admitting she had not seen Ms Markle for 20 years. The Dooleys announced on Facebook they had arrived in the capital.  Tyler, 27, who uploaded an image of the Imperial War Museum, as well as a photograph of the inside of a hotel room, is a cannabis farmer who considers himself a 'pioneer' in the legal production of the drug in California. He is reportedly keen to develop a new cannabis strain called 'Markle's Sparkle', in aid of his cousin's position. Meghan Markle's nephew Tyler Dooley is a Cannabis farmer who is planning a new drug called Markle's Sparkle Credit: Mega The family are keen on the burgeoning industry. TJ, 28, reportedly gives marijuana to his dog for pain relief, while Tracy frequently sells advertising space to marijuana dispensaries.  On arriving in London for the wedding in May last year,, Ms Dooley posted on her Facebook page – called "Royal Wedding with the Dooley Markles" – that she hoped Ms Markle's father was "well, healthy and happy".  She wrote: "Just glad to have landed safely and hoping for Tom senior to be well, healthy, & happy. I wish the same for Meghan Prince Harry, my children, friends, family and those who need our prayers and love. Peace, love and good works." In April 2018, the page, which appears to be run by Ms Dooley, shared an article headlined "Meghan Markle snubs nephew and his mum with no invite to Royal wedding." It was accompanied with the caption: "Beyond blessed to be any part of this momentous occasion. We'll be front and center at Windsor cheering Meghan and Prince Harry on." The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's life as a married couple, in pictures Trevor Engelson, Meghan's ex-husband New York-born film and television producer Trevor Engelson, 41, was married to Ms Markle for two years, until 2013. The pair married on the beach in Jamaica in 2011, tying the knot at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, in front of around 100 guests. They are believed to have been dating for seven years before they married. Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson in 2006 Credit: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan/Getty Their August 2013 divorce cited irreconcilable differences, and their work schedules - he is based in Los Angeles, while she began filming legal drama Suits in Toronto the year they married. Engelson is due to marry nutritionist Tracey Kurland in just over one month- almost exactly a year after Meghan and Prince Harry's own nuptials - on May 11. During his Miami-based bachelor party in March footage emerged of friends toasting (perhaps roasting) the groom, joking: "If it wasn't for Trev I wouldn't believe that I could marry a future princess, so now I gotta...what princess is available right now, I'm coming for you girl." He is working on a show about a man whose wife runs off with a prince.

UPDATE 4-U.S. judge defers ruling on PG&E $350 mln bonus plan » Full Story

UPDATE 4-U.S. judge defers ruling on PG&E $350 mln bonus planA U.S. bankruptcy judge on Tuesday deferred a ruling on whether to approve a PG&E Corp plan to pay up to $350 million in bonuses to 10,000 employees, saying he wants more details from the California power producer that is facing bankruptcy following last year's wildfires. Judge Dennis Montali of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in San Francisco set April 23 as the next date for a hearing on the plan, saying he wants PG&E to give him a "tutorial" on it. The plan covers 2019 and takes the place of a previously proposed 2018 bonus program that the California power provider scuttled after criticism from wildfire victims and their lawyers.

Man sentenced 26-years to life in brutal hammer death of 'Bridalplasty' reality star » Full Story

Man sentenced 26-years to life in brutal hammer death of 'Bridalplasty' reality starJackie Jerome Rogers was sentenced to 26 years to life in state prison for killing Lisa Marie Naegle with a hammer and burying her body in his back yard.

Jeep Five-Quarter Concept Channels Brand's Military History » Full Story

Jeep Five-Quarter Concept Channels Brand's Military HistoryOver there, over there, tell Moab to beware, the Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter concept vehicle is awesome.

Trump Is Again Considering Dramatic Action on Immigration. Here's Why » Full Story

Trump Is Again Considering Dramatic Action on Immigration. Here's WhyThere are signs that President Donald is again considering taking dramatic steps to force the immigration issue.

The Mercedes Handbuilt By Porsche’s 959 Factory » Full Story

The Mercedes Handbuilt By Porsche’s 959 FactoryIf someone asks you what sleeper you would have given the choice, most of us would throw out suggestions like an RS2, a V70R or maybe even a Mercury Marauder. When looking at Mercedes’ lineup of the last thirty years, nothing really screams sleeper to you, or does it? Porsche wasn’t doing too well in the late eighties, with their product range being rather aged.

States pushing near-bans on abortion, targeting Roe v. Wade » Full Story

States pushing near-bans on abortion, targeting Roe v. WadeEmboldened by the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court, anti-abortion lawmakers and activists in numerous states are pushing near-total bans on the procedure in a deliberate frontal attack on Roe v. Wade.

The real deal: astronomers deliver first photo of black hole » Full Story

The real deal: astronomers deliver first photo of black holeAstronomers on Wednesday unveiled the first photo of a black hole, one of the star-devouring monsters scattered throughout the Universe and obscured by impenetrable shields of gravity. "The history of science will be divided into the time before the image, and the time after the image," said Michael Kramer, director at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. The supermassive black hole immortalised by a far-flung network of radio telescopes is 50 million lightyears away at the centre of a galaxy known as M87.

Eric Swalwell Enters Dem Primary With Focus on Gun Control » Full Story

Eric Swalwell Enters Dem Primary With Focus on Gun ControlRepresentative Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) announced his entry into the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field Monday night during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.> TONIGHT: California Representative @EricSwalwell announces on @colbertlateshow that he is running for President! LSSC> > -- The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) April 8, 2019“I talked to kids who sit in their classrooms afraid they’ll be the next victims of gun violence. They see Washington [D.C.] do nothing about it after the moments of silence,” Swalwell said. “They see lawmakers who love their guns more than our kids and none of that is going to change until we get a leader who is willing to go big on the issues we take on, be bold on the solutions we offer, and do good in the way that we govern. I’m ready to solve these problems. I’m ready to solve these problems. I’m running for president of the United States.”Swalwell followed the initial announcement by tweeting a video montage of his many appearances on cable news as well as words of encouragement he's received on Twitter.> Are you ready America? Let's go big, be bold, and do good!> > -- Eric Swalwell (@ericswalwell) April 8, 2019Swalwell plans to provide more specifics on his ideal gun control policy during a Tuesday town hall in Coral Springs, Fla. with Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Casky.The 38-year-old California lawmaker, who has risen to prominence as one of the most vocal purveyors of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, joins several lesser-known House Democratic in the 2020 race. He's travelled several times to Iowa but is not yet registering on any polls.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser might get me to dump Chrome for the first time in a decade » Full Story

Microsoft’s new Edge browser might get me to dump Chrome for the first time in a decadeLike millions of others, I abandoned Firefox and Safari in favor of Google's Chrome browser at the end of the last decade, and despite a rocky start in terms of performance, the ease of use and sleek design were too much for other browsers to overcome. I continued to test new browsers as they arrived and old browsers as they received significant updates, but nothing could ever match Chrome, and so I now have it installed on every device I own.At this point, I'm so tethered to the ecosystem that it's hard for me to even imagine what a browser would need to do in order to tear me away from the most popular browser on the planet. And that's why I'm so shocked to disclose that after just a few hours of testing, I'm already thinking about jumping ship in favor of -- drum roll, please -- Microsoft's new Edge browser. Yes, the latest browser from the company that built Internet Explorer.After announcing last year that it would be rebuilding its Edge browser on Google's open-source Chromium platform, the first official releases of the project have landed. You can download the Dev Channel (updated weekly) or Canary Channel (updated daily) builds from Microsoft's Edge Insider site right now, and while they are intended for use by developers, anyone can download them and check out what Microsoft has been working on.What's so impressive about the Dev Channel build, which I've been working from all morning, is just how stable it is despite being the first release to ever be shared with the public. This doesn't come as much of a surprise, as Google and Microsoft have been pooling their resources and working together to ensure that Chromium (the foundation upon which both Edge and Chrome are built) is in the best shape it can be, but that doesn't take away from the work that Microsoft did to recreate its (already adequate) browser to give it legs for the long run.Of course, this is the part where I admit that the best thing about the new Chromium-based browser is the fact that it's pretty much just Chrome in a new shell. The first thing the Edge Dev Channel build did when I opened it was pull in all my data (bookmarks, browsing history, logins, etc.) from Chrome. Before I could blink, my new Edge browser looked identical to my Chrome browser, save for the distinct, blocky design of Edge.In fact, my only complaint so far is that the look of the browser is a bit dated in comparison to Chrome's latest design refresh. That's not to say I don't have issues with Chrome's design, but I prefer it to Microsoft's initial offering. Oh, and my other complaint is that Edge defaults to Bing for its search engine, which is just ludicrous.The good news is that Microsoft has all the time it needs to take user feedback into account and tweak the browser before an official launch. Microsoft eventually plans to launch its Chromium-based browser on Windows 8, Windows 7, and even macOS, but not even the Beta Channel (which Microsoft says will be "the most stable Microsoft Edge preview experience" ahead of the actual launch) has been released yet."We know that this initial release is still missing a few features that are available in the current version of Microsoft Edge," says the Edge team. "We're in the early stages and are intentionally focusing on fundamentals as we continue to work towards a complete feature set. Over time, we will roll out new features and run experiments to gauge user interest and satisfaction, and to assess the quality of each new feature or improvement. This will help us ensure that all new features address our customers' needs in the best possible way and meet our quality standards."

EXCLUSIVE-Ford likely to end independent India business with new Mahindra deal - sources » Full Story

EXCLUSIVE-Ford likely to end independent India business with new Mahindra deal - sourcesFord Motor Co is nearing a deal with Mahindra & Mahindra to form a new joint-venture company in India, a move that will see the U.S. automaker cease its independent operations in the country, two sources with direct knowledge of the talks told Reuters. Under the terms of the deal being negotiated, Ford will form a new unit in India in which it will hold a 49 percent stake, while India's Mahindra will own 51 percent, the two sources said. The U.S. carmaker's India unit will transfer most of its current automotive business to the newly created entity, including its assets and employees, according to one of the sources.

New Bentley Flying Spur Teaser Photos » Full Story

New Bentley Flying Spur Teaser Photos

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx lets Chicago teen's killer off the hook » Full Story

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx lets Chicago teen's killer off the hookThe family of 16-year-old Derrion Albert wants to know why one of the men convicted in his murder is now free.

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